The Green Purpose Eco-Capitalist Alliance Network was formed as a way to connect eco-conscious businesses with other reputable, like-minded companies. Through this alliance, we are creating high quality and valued experiences for companies, supporting the professional development of our members, and providing quality learning experiences, networking opportunities and easy access to industry information.

There are a wide range of perks associated with becoming a part of the Green Purpose Eco-Capitalist Alliance Network, all of which are geared toward helping your company maximize recycling program profitability while recognizing your company's enhanced environmental efforts:

The Eco-Capitalist Alliance is open to all companies that wish to demonstrate their commitment to environmentally sustainable practices in the workplace. In addition to the Alliance, we also offer a variety of enhanced certification options for companies who wish to take their commitment to the next level by achieving true recycling excellence. Companies who join the Eco-Capitalist Alliance are encouraged to take advantage of our prestigious Certification Program, which was carefully designed to go hand-in-hand with the alliance network.



There are four levels of membership to choose from, each with a wide range of perks that will add value to your company's recycling program, green corporate image, bottom line, and much more: 

Use of Green Purpose Member Logo and Member Certificate

Don’t just talk about your green initiatives internally, take full advantage of using the Eco-Capitalist Alliance logo throughout your website, promotional materials, and social media so that your customers know that you go above and beyond for environmental stewardship. Having a third party recognize your efforts goes much further than anything that one company can say about itself. That’s why we’ll also send you a certificate in the mail for you to display in all of your work areas.

Earth Day Kit

Green Purpose will provide your company with an exclusive Earth Day Kit, designed to help raise awareness of the only holiday designated specifically for increasing education about the effects of human impact on our planet. All posters included in the kit will be customized with your company’s logo.

Listing in Green Purpose Member Alliance Directory

We’re all in business to make money, and we believe that sustainability should be no different. Enjoy the recognition along with all of the other business that are proud to say they’re working on sustainability while also being conscious of the bottom line. Proudly promote an enhanced membership profile on our Race for Zero Waste website.

Your company’s name, logo and website link will be listed in the Green Purpose Eco-Capitalist Alliance Network membership directory. This will not only show our large network of followers and supporters that your company strives for recycling excellence, it will also create a significant volume of increased traffic to your company website.


3-5 Social Media Posts Per Month

You deserve to be recognized as a sustainability leader, and we will work diligently alongside your company to promote your achievements every step of the way. Your company will receive positive PR in the form of social media status updates, which will be posted on multiple social media platforms and reach thousands of people.

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Monthly Reporting Service

Recycling data reports are a great way to communicate the progress of your company recycling program to employees and other program participants. You will receive monthly reports that display your company’s baseline data at the beginning of each month, which can be used as a motivational tool to inspire your employees to maximize their recycling efforts. The report also includes a second page that communicates your company's recycling progress during the specified reporting period (quarterly).  


Employee Training Handbook

Members will receive a customized employee training handbook that can be used to acquaint new employees with your company recycling program. Each handbook features content that is specifically designed to help improve employee knowledge and performance.


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Specialized Promotional and Leadership Recognition

We will promote your Alliance membership through various Green Purpose channels including, press releases, digital and printed marketing materials!



Public Relations Support

Green Purpose media experts will provide experienced, hands-on public relations support to our alliance members in order to help them promote their recycling program and enhanced environmental initiatives.  Our media professionals are always available to answer questions and offer practical advice, and will put forth the necessary legwork to ensure that your company receives positive recognition in the media and in the community.


Guest Keynote Speaker

By signing up for our Green Platinum level, our founder and CEO will personally come to your facility to present a full fledged interactive presentation to you and your employees about the importance of recycling in the workplace to get everyone motivated about the new program.


Customized Everything

All recycling systems, color-coded labels, educational posters and other intuitive products purchased through Green Purpose will be customized with your company logo for free!