Green Purpose has structured a unique internship program that immerses talented individuals in a startup company environment. Our internship program provides opportunities for recent graduates, undergraduate and graduate students attending higher educational institutions to work for an innovative green company.

We administer three separate internship semesters during the calendar year:

• Fall: 12-week assignment up to 15 hours a week
• Spring: 12-week assignment up to 15 hours a week
• Summer: 15-week assignment up to 30 hours a week


How to apply:

Green Purpose internship positions will be posted on both the University of Illinois and Parkland Community College’s career services websites. Students can also apply by emailing their resume to the Green Purpose Internship Coordinator at Before beginning an internship, students must complete our internship interview, orientation and complete all necessary hiring paperwork with the internship coordinator.


Intern Videos and Testimonials

I had a really good experience with my internship with Green Purpose. I got to work and meet other amazing interns as well. As a Web/IT intern I not only improved in my technical skills but also on my leadership skills. Because of this internship I feel prepared into going to the real world.

- Ola, Spring 2013 Intern

“I definitely learned a lot, and I hope that I was able to contribute to Green Purpose as well. I think that the trips to Rockwell and KEC design were really useful because I got to see how your recycling plans were implemented, and also see the different types of waste that were generated by businesses.”

- Christian, Spring 2013 Intern

“My favorite part about interning here at Green Purpose was the amount of responsibilities that I had. Nobody ever wants to be “that intern” who makes coffee runs and essentially does all the pointless busy work. With Green Purpose, I never felt like I was an intern, rather, I felt like a team member. I was given a lot of responsibilities and work, but I also had a lot of freedom in my scheduling and project choices.”

- Nicole, Spring 2013 Intern

I have been really happy at Green Purpose for the past three months. I truly love my team and our team environment is really great!

- Claire, Spring 2013 Intern

I am very happy that I have interned at Green Purpose. It is like a big family and I learned a lot of things about not only accounting but also how to be friends with other people.

-Sisi, Spring 2013 Intern

I did have a great experience working here. Green Purpose is an amazing business, and it will definitely be the big one in the foreseeable future. I will never forget those green days at Green Purpose!

-Jue, Spring 2013 Intern