Green Purpose provides the most professional, efficient and hassle-free Zero Waste services in the industry. No other company is able to match our level of dedication, attention to detail or consistent focus on improving the financial payoff for your company’s efforts.

One key quality that sets Green Purpose apart from other companies is our ability to provide businesses with a wide range of eco­-capitalist solutions that are unmatched in this industry. Our deep understanding of enterprise waste streams and processes has enabled us to design customized, turn-key solutions for each client’s specific waste challenges.

Through our Zero Waste Program, we can provide your business with the following:

Sustainability Consulting:

Our knowledgeable team of sustainability consultants are ready to suggest responsive solutions for all obstacles preventing your recycling program from reaching its full revenue potential.

By examining existing processes and systems in place, our consultants will identify any areas where improvements are possible and work closely with your team to implement all necessary upgrades in order to maximize profit potential and increase the amount of materials that your company diverts from the landfill. Assessing all aspects of your program enables our team to design a system built to drive profitability and sustain an efficient deposit/collection system.

Our professional suite of services improve efficiency, lower costs, and help to eliminate all negative environmental impacts as they are seen by your customers, employees, and competition.


Waste Stream Audits:

Our in-depth Waste Audits are a perfect way for any company to gain valuable insights about their existing recycling program. One of the major benefits of this service is our ability to define clear baseline data relating to statistics and processes that have the capability to affect your established system. After all the information (analysis of waste handling processes, exact generation totals for each stream of material on-site, recyclable flow-pattern assessment, etc.) is collected by our audit team, a comprehensive report is issued that highlights the overall findings and offers suggestions on how to overcome any documented difficulties. By highlighting the good and bad, the complete picture of a recycling program’s health is able to be assessed. Once the final report is submitted for review, the Green Purpose team will also assist in referencing the recorded data to create realistic goals for the company to aspire towards in an effort to achieve Zero Waste and high profitability as quickly as possible.


Associate Training and Education:

In order to ensure that all program participants are informed about your company’s recycling system, the Green Purpose team offers a wide variety of options to consider. Starting with on-site associate education seminars/presentations, our team can customize content that will address your specific set of concerns and educate all participants on the clear benefit of adhering to the established guidelines for protecting the integrity of all material collected. In addition, we offer an extensive selection of informative products like our Green-O-Grams and customizable signs or labels that have proven to decrease contamination rates, increase overall participation and dramatically improve any associate’s education level relating to the essentials of recycling. In combination, the adjustments listed above represent a formula that will ensure dramatic increases in the amount of money your program generates.


Program Development, Tracking and Evaluation:

We excel at developing self-sustaining waste reduction programs for businesses of all sizes. Whether industrial, retail or institutional, our team is ready to design and implement an upgraded system in your facility that will not interfere with your daily operations.

We also provide clients their financial and environmental progress throughout the entire program implementation. Clients will see tangible, profitable results from our environmental, material analysis and financial progress reports.


Universal Signage:

Green Purpose offers a large selection of customized waste/recycling receptacles, signs, labels and posters that will address any of your sustainability needs.

Are you interested in standardizing the look of your existing containers across an entire facility? Our graphic designer will work closely with your management team to provide your company with just about anything that you can dream up. Turn to us when you are looking for signs, labels or posters that will make your program stand out and show off your passion for sustainability.

Equipment and Supplies:

When you consider purchasing or leasing a baler for your recycling program, please contact our team so that we can begin discussions about the financial benefits of baling your materials and assess which model would best fit your specific situation. Also,do not hesitate to reach out if you are seeking competitive pricing for supplies like baler wire or other tools commonly associated with recycling management.