Focusing on front-end efforts of the recycling program that enable your facility to recycle as much as possible, the Waste and Recycling category communicates how well your facility is structured for ingesting every material that can be diverted from the landfill. For this category, we will examine the amount of materials that are recycled versus deposited into a landfill. The percentage of recyclable material in your facility's waste stream and how much of those materials are currently being recycled will also be examined.



This category will grade how well the program managers engage your associates with the Race for Zero Waste and your overall recycling program. We encourage your facility to be proactive about incentivizing each participant to improve their participation each month. Throughout the competition, we will look for information about the actions you are taking each month to get your employees more involved in your recycling program.



This index will be determined through a variety of factors that will help us better understand the ways in which your recyclables are currently being collected from the point of generation, until they exit your facility. This information will also allow us to determine the effectiveness of your collection points throughout the facility to best utilize space and make recycling intuitive and simple for associates and employees.



This index will be examined by accounting for the quality of educational tools that are provided throughout your facility to promote a sustainable and efficient recycling program. A variety of educational tools can be used to enhance the success of your program, whether they are posters that communicate your company-wide recycling goals, signs that provide clear instructions about the proper way to recycle, or presentations that communicate the environmental benefits that are associated with employees’ recycling efforts. In addition to the quality of educational materials, participants will also be graded on quantity or frequency of tools and resources that are provided.