The Green Purpose Seal of Excellence recognizes extraordinary companies that are are leading the way for environmentally sustainable workplaces. To be considered for this prestigious award, companies must demonstrate their commitment to environmentally sustainable practices in the following categories:



Zero Waste

The Zero Waste Seal of Excellence is Green Purpose’s highest environmental honor. It recognizes companies that have identified every possible opportunity to eliminate the concept of waste in their facilities. Not only have they maximized their recycling efforts, they have also implemented sustainable practices for items that are not traditionally recycled. As a result of their efforts, they have successfully achieved a waste diversion rate of 90% or higher.




Waste and Recycling

The Waste and Recycling Seal of Excellence recognizes the actions that companies are taking in order to reduce waste in the workplace. Focusing on front-end efforts of the recycling program that enable companies to recycle as much as possible, the award communicates how well their facilities are structured for ingesting every material that can be diverted from the landfill.




Employee Participation

The Employee Participation Seal of Excellence is awarded to companies that have done an exceptional job at incentivizing each of their employees to improve their program participation. These companies have engaged their employees in a variety of recycling-related activities in order to motivate them to maximize their recycling efforts.




Associate Education

The Associate Education Seal of Excellence recognizes companies that have provided associates and employees with a wide variety of educational materials about their recycling program. They have increased the success of their programs by implementing Universal Recycling systems and signage, helping to eliminate confusion from program participants and contamination in recycling bins.





Collection Systems and Processes

The Collection Systems and Processes Seal of Excellence recognizes companies that have implemented organized procedures for the flow of recyclable materials within their facility. When streamlined systems and procedures like this are put in place, it significantly increases the overall efficiency and success of a business recycling program. 



As an Eco-Capitalist company, our goal is not only to provide credibility to environmentally sustainable businesses, but also to offer the tools and resources necessary to add value and save money through recycling and Zero Waste practices. Through our advanced Seal of Excellence program, we work with many large companies to ensure that they achieve their waste reduction goals. After hitting all of the necessary benchmarks that we have established for the program, companies are recognized and awarded for one of the four categories listed above.