As the foremost eco-capitalistic company on Earth, Green Purpose is proud to announce an exciting new competition designed to celebrate America Recycles Day, Earth Day and the overall importance of recycling in the workplace. 

                         Zero waste hierarchy

                         Zero waste hierarchy

The purpose of Race for Zero Waste is to stimulate commercial recycling through a national competition that establishes upgraded recycling programs, increases recycling rates for existing programs, and provides employees/program participants with educational opportunities about waste reduction. Businesses currently have the largest waste output and also pay the most for waste removal. Inconsistent labeling and recycling program information causes companies to lose profit from the recyclables that are being generated. It also leads to confusion among recyclers that can result in a lack of program participation. Through the Race for Zero Waste, we aim to motivate companies and their employees to enhance their recycling efforts and adopt sustainable behaviors.

The grand prize will be publicized and awarded to the business that achieves the best average score for Zero Waste improvement throughout the competition. 

The competition winner will be awarded Green Purpose's prestigious Green Seal of Excellence, which will show employees, program participants and customers that your company has gone above and beyond standard recycling procedures in order to achieve zero waste to landfill. In addition to that, the winner will also be promoted throughout the community in the months following the competition.

There will be a variety of category assessments used to determine how “successful” your recycling program is over the course of the competition. Examples of these categories include (but aren’t limited to) each company's specific monthly waste statistics, saturation levels for essential aspects of the recycling program, the educational promotion of each company’s recycling program, and the employee participation rate. These metrics will be used to compare all participants on the Green Purpose website, where overall standings can be viewed by all competing companies. As the end of the competition approaches, a determination of the top performer will be assessed and the final winner will be announced.