Green Purpose Certification Program:
What's the Return on Investment?

Our program fees are tailored to the size and impact of your business. Our base buy-in rate varies anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000. This price will vary based on each business. Considerations include number of employees, square footage, number of facilities, complexity of operation, and timeline.  All certification levels includes our full program and marketing support. To determine your fee, please contact Green Purpose for more information.

Our fees are nominal when compared to the overall value that your business will receive from participating in the certification program:

Increased Revenues

Your employees will learn how to recycle efficiently and effectively, which will help your company maximize the profit and volume of your recyclable materials.


Reduced Waste Expenses

Maximizing your recycling efforts will reduce the need for as many garbage pick ups, resulting in decreased waste hauling expenses for your company.


Employee “Buy-In”

Throughout the process, your employees will become actively engaged in your recycling program and will be motivated to maximize their recycling efforts.

Positive PR

You will have a chance to earn the prestigious Green Purpose Seal of Excellence in Zero Waste, which can be used to promote your green initiatives and show customers that your company has gone above and beyond to strive for Zero Waste... PRICELESS.