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Customized Solutions for FedEx Ground in Champaign, Illinois

“We have been working with Green Purpose, LLC and have been consistently impressed with the high-quality labels and posters we purchased to improve our existing recycling containers. Since we implemented their color-coded labels and signs, we have witnessed a dramatic decrease in contamination rates and many more associates participating in the program than before. Their products are the best we have used thus far and allow our facilities to have a universal appearance and attractive aesthetic. Another aspect of Green Purpose we value is their unmatched ability to customize any sign that we request, and they do it in a timely manner until it is exactly the way we want it. Green Purpose products work in a variety of different situations and have allowed our team to save thousands from not having to purchase all new containers. Thanks Green Purpose!”

- Robert, FedEx Ground in Champaign, IL


Increased Recycling Efforts for FedEx Ground

“I was very pleased with the color-coded recycling posters that we ordered from Green Purpose, LLC. They complement our existing recycling systems very well, are visually intuitive, and are easy to understand. What’s really exciting is that all of our employees are paying attention and reading the posters. I have also noticed that the materials are actually being separated correctly. This is a huge improvement to our existing recycling program.”

-Terry, Senior Office Administrator at FedEx Ground hub in Virginia


Visually Intuitive, Color-Coded Recycling Solutions for FedEx Ground

“I was extremely pleased with the timely shipping and the overall product. I found that they were a perfect fit for our recycling containers, bright and concise in the description of what each recycling container is for, durable and extremely easy to use. I look forward to future orders with your company.”

Lisa, Office Administrator at FedEx Ground hub in Maryland  


Flex-N-Gate Manufacturing Corporate Headquarters: Turning Waste Into Profit

“The amount of tonnage our waste vendors have taken to the landfill for our manufacturing facility has reduced significantly.  That of course resulted in a decrease of cost to move it by our waste vendors—a cost savings.  We used to pay to have a company pick up our waste paper products to recycle them.  Now, we are getting paid for that paper.  Same situation exists with plastic bottles.  They are no longer being put in the trash nor are we paying to have them hauled off.  Instead they are all being recycled.  Damaged pallets are no longer being picked up by our pallet vendor, they are being recycled and we have turned them into added income.  Lastly, we are being paid more for our cardboard/corrugated bundles than we were before.  In all, our carbon footprint has decreased, our income has increased, and our headaches have been fewer.  All because of the great work Green Purpose is doing for us right now.  Their cooperation to adapt to our business environment has been refreshing. ”

- John A. Moon, Purchasing Supervisor at Flex-N-Gate Manufacturing Corporate Headquarters in  Urbana, IL


Win-Win Situation for Slumberland

“Green Purpose has really helped us keep our waste costs down while doing our part the help the environment. Their staff is helpful and courteous and they strive to keep your operations running smoothly. They have worked hard to accommodate our special needs and are quick to address any questions or concerns we might have a long the way. Saving money and helping the environment, a win win situation for us!”

- Paul, Operations Manager at Slumberland 



Adams Outdoor Advertising Has a Green Purpose

“Green Purpose is passionate about their mission to make Zero Waste a standard in the outdoor advertising industry. They have helped us reduce our waste stream by over 70%. Not only that, but we have also significantly reduced our waste hauling expenses by more than $400 each month, which brings us to a total of $4,800 in yearly savings.”

- Mike Mielke, Adams Outdoor Advertising


Recycling Program Improvements for Isotech Laboratories

“The experience of working with Green Purpose has been nothing but pleasant. From the first day, they brought both commitment and insight to our recycling problems. Through working with Green Purpose we have been able to implement a significantly improved recycling program that has led to noticeable savings in our waste costs.”

- Crystalyn, Isotech Laboratories


Recycling Solutions for Dixon Graphics 

“If you want to improve and reinvent your businesses recycling program then look no further than Green Purpose. Their comprehensive recycling solutions have helped make our business the greenest print shop in the community. Without the knowledge of our Green Purpose team we would have never been able to achieve this goal.”

Lance Dixon, owner of Dixon Graphics


Dean’s Graphics: Going Green

“Green Purpose has helped us reduce the amount of our landfill waste by providing innovative solutions for recycling our excess waste material.”


Volo’s Green Purpose

“From keeping equipment in the field as long as possible, to office paper recycling, we work with Green Purpose, LLC to ensure that our operations have as little environmental impact as possible. Working with Green Purpose has resulted in increasing our paper and cardboard recycling 100%, improving reuse of materials, and other significant improvements in our ecological impact.”


Orphans Treasure Box: Helping the Community and the Environment

"We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help in the last year with recycling our unsellable books! It is because of supportive businesses like yours that we are able to continue to help orphans and vulnerable children! Thank you again."

-Beth and Ann, Orphans Treasure Box